As usual the procrastination made it seem far worse than it really was!

I’m a great procrastinator.  I will put everything off until the last minute given half the chance!  I’ve been doing a University course this year studying the teaching of mathematics in primary schools and I’ve had to do some action research in my school to support my studies.  Despite having known since January that my deadline for my final assignment was the 18th July and knowing how busy the end of term gets for me before our summer break, I’ve been whingeing and moaning and putting it off like there’s no tomorrow!

My friends and colleagues (not to mention my family!) are completely fed up with me and more than one of them has asked ‘why don’t you just get on and write it?’  Where’s the fun in that?  If I procrastinate about it I can continue to put it off!

I’ve been complaining about the unfairness of having to hand it in three days before the end of term, of having to write 5000 words, of having to fit it in with all the other stuff that I have to do at this time of year at work (the dreaded school reports – put them off until the last minute as well!).  The list goes on.  Even the children in my class started to remonstrate me; they were telling me all the things that I’d be telling them when they don’t do their homework!

This week I’ve finally given in!  5000 words don’t just write themselves you know!  I think I finally gave in because I started dreaming about my assignment and even woke up on Wednesday morning with an urge to get my ideas down on paper!  So I’m at 3,989 words and I need a break.  It would probably be better for me if I moved away from the computer and did something different, but I felt I’d been neglecting my blog.  I’d been feeling guilty whenever I’d started writing a post which left me with a bad case of writers block!

Now that I’ve actually got into writing the assignment I’m finding quite easy.  The ideas are just flowing and it’s beginning to all make sense.  I am slightly worried that I’ll look at again in the morning and realize that, although I’ve written 3,989 words, about 3,578 of them will be utter rubbish and I’ll have to do a rewrite!  At least it will soon be over!  It’s certainly keeping me out of mischief as I’ve been staring at my computer screen all day long!  Unfortunately it’s not the kind of mischief I like and I’m itching to bake a cake or do some knitting!

Not going to worry about that now though; I’m going to go out for a bike ride to blow the cobwebs out of my brain and perhaps find a nice country pub to have some dinner at.  I’ll start again in the morning, unless I can find something else to do!!


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