Alphabet Blogging: S is for Sunday Scribblings

I’ve been using a variety of sites for inspiration when I’ve got a case of writer’s block and I stumbled across Sunday Scribblings for a bit of support with my writing over the weekend.

The idea is that Megg will post a writing prompt – normally on a Saturday so that you can create your post inspired by the prompt ready for a Sunday.  You then post your blog on your site and leave a comment and a link to your post on their blog so that they know you’ve participated.

I like clicking randomly on their links to see lots of different views on the same subject.  This weekend it was ‘Opportunity’ and there was a diverse range of responses which got me thinking in different ways.  That’s what I love about sites like this as you get a huge range of views but you don’t get loads of people arguing with each other!


Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Leave a comment, I read each and every one!

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