Normal service is resumed – Good Fairy vanilla choc-chip cupcakes with chocolate frosting

Last week I uttered the immortal words ‘I’m getting fed up of making chocolate cakes‘, I think it was the shock of being home from work so early in the day – fear not – normal service is resumed!  Time to spread some more happiness with another good fairy gift.  I’ve still not been caught yet, I think it helps that I’m one of the first arrivals each morning so I can sneak in early and leave a gift!  This week I thought I should bake a cake as it was my Cinderella’s mum’s birthday.

I used the same cupcake batter for these as for my blueberry cupcakes last week, but instead of adding the blueberries I added 100g of chocolate chips.

For the frosting:

100g cream cheese,

25g cocoa powder,

sifted icing sugar – as much as you need to get to the desired consistency for piping or splodging!

Mix together the ingredients and then pipe onto your cakes.  I added the white chocolate stars for a bit of extra decoration.

I found these cute cupcake gift boxes in our local supermarket – perfect for transporting them to work for my Cinderella!

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