Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards!

This week has been ridiculously busy!  It’s always a shock to the system going back to work after a long break, but I was completely unprepared for how busy it was going to be and how many hours I would end up working!  So much for teachers only working from 9-3.30!  When I get in from work I need to eat – quickly – I’m not good when I’m hungry and it really isn’t fair on anyone else to inflict my hungry self upon them!  It really didn’t help that I was really disorgnised and had completely forgotten to do any food shopping before I went back – I didn’t have a clue what was in the freezer and I there wasn’t a vegetable in the house.  I felt like Old Mother Hubbard – the cupboards were bare!

Fast-forward to the end of the week and I’ve been away for the weekend to see my sister, neglecting my poor husband in the process as he couldn’t find anything to eat either!  By the time I got home on Sunday afternoon the supermarkets were all shut, so I decided to do an online order to be delivered the following evening.  I love online shopping – it saves me so much time and money as I only buy the things I actually need rather than the things that catch my eye. I used to decide what I needed, check the cupboards and then do an online shop every week but got out of the habit after we’d been on honeymoon last year.  Having been at my sister’s house when her shopping arrived without the annoyance of walking around the supermarket, I was determined to start using it again.

Before I started adding items to my virtual shopping trolley, I decided to sort out the freezer.  We have a big American style fridge/freezer which was a treat to ourselves when we had our new kitchen built.  It’s so cavernous it seems like it could house a small family!  I’m guilty of throwing stuff in the freezer when I’ve been shopping and I promptly forget what’s there, so as I sorted out the freezer shelves I found lots of inspiration for meals this week.  I also gave myself a telling off as I found so much food that was well past its best.  I’m not one for taking too much notice of sell-by-dates, I prefer to use my nose to decide if it should be eaten, but there was so much stuff that looked decidedly iffy.

I then had a proper look in the cupboards – not a three second ‘I just walked in the door and I need food now” kind of look, but a proper look where I actually moved packets around so that I could see what was really there, more inspiration came rushing towards me. I decided that I actually needed so few things that it was pointless to pay for an online delivery so tomorrow evening I will cycle to the local supermarket and pick up some vegetables and milk. Job done!  Next week I’m going to get organised and sort my order out ready for delivery early on Saturday so that I’m ready for the following week.

Perhaps I should just put this book on my Amazon wishlist!

The empty cupboard cookbook


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