Sunday Scribblings: Talisman

Talisman says the prompt on Sunday Scribblings.    A talisman is a physical item with magical powers.

I’ve spent the last two weeks watching the Olympics (to the detriment of everything else in life!) and being amazed by the show of talent by Team GB.  I don’t think anyone thought that they’d achieve the grand total of 65 medals!  I’ve been interested in the preparations made by each athlete before their performance.  There’s been a lot of talk by the commentators and pundits of the routines that each athlete goes through which act as a kind of virtual talisman to their performance.  Where have they learnt these routines? Was it something  they did at another competition where they ended up with success so it became something they had to do in order to repeat the success? Or was it something they’d seen another athlete do and adopted it as their own?

When I was at university I competed for the university trampoline team and as a team we had a particular routine that we always went through before each competition which we felt had brought us success in the past so we thought it would bring us more.  Even when we had a bad result we still had faith in the routine on future occasions, after all it had worked once!  I also had the physical talisman of my ‘lucky socks’ which I always wore to compete in!

What talisman do you have and what power does or bring you?