February: self love prompts days 11-17

Here’s the prompts for this week. If you’d like a gentle reminder each and every day, follow me on Instagram and these gentle nudges will appear on your feed.

Sometimes we think that our nearest and dearest are mind readers or should ‘just know’ what they could/should do to help them. Just tell them, it’s far easier for everyone that way!

Go on, you’ll feel better afterwards.

Sometimes the world just feels better from the safety of a blanket fort.

Don’t worry about what others may think – what do you love about yourself?

Sudoku, crossword, word search or a more traditional jigsaw, spend some time concentrating.

Gather together your lotions and potions and paint your nails.

Think about your current life challenges, how could you change your thinking so that you can find a positive opportunity?

This is part of a series of posts throughout the month. The idea isn’t to challenge yourself to complete the whole month (and then beat yourself up about it when you miss a day) but to give you some friendly encouragement to look after and celebrate yourself in an easy and accessible way.

Come back next Sunday for the next instalment.

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