Setting up my new Leuchtturm 1917: Bullet Journal no. 2

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Setting up my new Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal No 2.jpg

A notebook is a notebook, isn’t it?  They’re all the same.  They contain paper and you can write in them.  Well, it turns out that even in the world of notebooks, there’s a hierarchy! I was looking at the Instagram feeds of the members of the #planwithmechallenge and seeing all the positive praise for Leuchtturm 1917 journals whilst in bed suffering from a stomach bug that I ‘accidently’ bought a beautiful emerald dot grid version online (US,UK).  Ooops!  Sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

I’d been thinking for a long time, pretty much from the end of my first month using the bullet journal format, what I would want in terms of layouts in my new journal.  I’d already moved some collections into my ‘permanent collections bujo‘ so I made a list in the back of my old bujo of the pages I needed and used some trusty Post-it note flags so that I could shift around the order before I committed anything to paper.

Some users of bullet journals have spoken of their nervousness when making the first mark in their Leuchtturm and I’d thought ‘how silly’, but it turns out that they were right!

The beauty of the Leuchtturm is that it has pre-numbered pages and a pre-printed index at the front.  This saved me an evening of numbering pages!

Bujo 2 Index.jpg

The legend hasn’t changed much from my previous journal, but I’ve added a couple of letter codes that I was using but didn’t have listed in the previous incarnation. I’m no longer using washi tabs to show pages for my blog, new months or collections.  I’ve decided to use colour to denote collections (bright blue) and the months are going to have headers in the same colour that I used to create the monthly overview at the beginning of the journal.

Bujo 2 Legend.jpg

I’ve drawn out monthly overviews from March through to August at the end of this academic year.  On the left hand side I list the tasks that I know about in advance and at the bottom of the columns are the habits that I want to track during the coming month.  I’m hoping that this journal, as it has more pages than my Daycraft which lasted for 4 months, will last me through to the end of the summer term in July.  If I need to add a future planner for the Autumn term I will add this to the back of the journal rather than in the middle of the dailies so that it is easier to find.  You can see how I’ve transferred the use of green pen to denote all of the pages for March here.

Bujo 2 example monthly spread.jpg

I based my goals on the headings used by Boho Berry and @breeeberry in their Level 10 life spreads.  I’ve altered a couple to fit my lifestyle and have chosen not to use the colour scale to show progress as  I prefer to have a box to colour when I complete a goal.

Bujo 2 2016 goals.jpg

This spread is to track my progress in a challenge that Ruby Wren shared on her blog.  She is aiming to run a mile for every day of the year.  I thought this was a pretty good challenge so I’m joining in.  Not had the greatest of starts, but I always run more in the summer!

Bujo 2 366 mile challenge.jpg

Do you use a Leuchtturm 1917 as your bullet journal?  Are they the best or can you recommend another contender for the crown?