Planner Squad

It seems a long time since I shared my bullet journal, but I’ve been having a bit of a sojourn from blogging. This month I’m going to link my posts to the Friday prompts from the Instagram Plan With Me Challenge hosted by @prettyprintsandpaper, @tinyrayofsunshine and @bohoberry.

First up, a little peek at my current planner squad:

I’ve just migrated into a new Leuchtturm 1917 A5 dotted in new pink My sister gave it to me at Christmas and it’s been staring at me mournfully as though I was purposefully taking as long as I could to complete my previous yellow Leuchtterm!  In reality, I actually had about 20 pages left in my old bullet journal, but I often move on at about that stage and use up the pages doing trial layouts or pen tests.

I love setting up a new journal. The smell as you rip off the shrink wrap always brings a smile to my face, I know, I’m officially a stationery geek!

I’ve recently re-discovered Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (US, UK). I’d never been able to get along with them in the past, but I bought a pack with a thinner nib than I’d previously had and they’re so much better. I’ve been using them for layouts and headers as they don’t smudge or bleed.

I’ve started a personal journal in my 100th anniversary special edition Leuchtturm in Copper. I’d been trying to do a few journal entries each week in my old bullet journal but I didn’t really like the fact that I was writing such personal things in journal that sat on my desk at work each day so I decided that I would begin a separate journal at the same time as starting my new bullet journal. I’m still not in a regular journaling habit, but I’m getting better.

When I began my personal journal, I treated myself to a new fountain pen. I love writing with a proper pen but I’m still finding it slightly difficult to get used to writing with the Lamy Nexx M that I treated myself to. I can decide whether it’s because I’ve got such a strange pen grip that the triangular barrel of the Lamy and I will never be friends, or whether I associate blue ink with being told by a teacher that I’d never be any good at handwriting at school!

Finally I have a navy, lined Moleskine that I use for notes at work.  I’ve been using it since the beginning of the academic year and I’ve probably got just about enough room to last until the end of July when we break for the summer. I’m not going to replace it for the new year as I just don’t like Moleskin’s and I’m fed up of carrying two notebooks around all of the time. The slight difference in the page sizes compared to the Leuchtterm just annoys me for some reason. I’m going to put my work notes in my pink Leuchtterm to keep everything together in the hope that I can streamline my daily carry and not have to waste time searching between notebooks for things. Guess I’ll have to get better at using the index…

What’s in your current planner squad?  Have you found ‘planner peace’ or are you still evolving your planning practice?

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