Our Attempt at Keeping the House Clutter Free

Now I’m on maternity leave I’m beginning to notice the house more and just how much rubbish we have.  Mu husband will tell you it’s treasured possessions, I will tell you that a lot of it is junk!  The post I wrote for Five Things Friday: Decluttering inspired me to get on with it in our home.  The thought of tackling the entire house scared me and I couldn’t think where to even start so I took inspiration from the first link in my post to create my own decluttering programme.

I decided it was all very well doing an initial declutter but we’d need to revisit things throughout the year so that we’d keep on top of it.  I created this timetable of places to sort and included some of the larger cleaning jobs.  I then wrote each item in my planner on a Sunday so that I could complete it at any time during the week (normally working around Baby T’s naps) and have the satisfaction of ticking it off!  I love being able to do that – almost more than the newly decluttered space!

 Our Attempt at Keeping the House Clutter Free

Print it out for your use at home: Our Attempt at Keeping the House Clutter Free