March Zentangle Inspiration Challenge

Zentangles March 2016.jpg

I love to draw Zentangles as they make me relax and create a moment of calm in my life.  I wrote here about how I started and where I gain my inspiration for the patterns I create, but sometimes there’s nothing around to inspire me so I wanted to create a bank of ideas that I could draw on when drawing future Zentangles. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks this when you look at the number of ‘Zentangle Inspiration Pages’ available on sites like Pinterest!

I thought that this would be a good basis for a daily challenge throughout the month of March.  Each day I’m going to draw a small Zentangle pattern in my bullet journal based on the word listed above.  I would find it useful to have this bank of ideas in my bullet journal since I carry it everywhere.   This will give me a bank of 31 ideas to draw on by the end of the month and, if we share them on Instagram, then we can all inspire each other.

Make sure you use the hashtag #zentangleinspiration.  Follow me at @keepsmeoutofmischief