Tracking Repeating Work Tasks in Your Bullet Journal

During February I’ll be sharing a few ways that I use my bullet journal for work tasks.

In my Behaviour Support Teacher role there are a number of jobs that I have to repeat on a regular basis. I got annoyed with writing them out each week/ month/ term in my bullet journal.

I decided that a master list would help me to improve my productivity and help me to remember the frequency of each task.

I put a note on the correct day with a reference to this page which saves me from writing out the list.

How do you use your bullet journal for work tasks?

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2 thoughts on “Tracking Repeating Work Tasks in Your Bullet Journal

  1. That’s a really good idea! And it would work for home too, like I have bins emptied on different weeks so that would help me remember and not have to write them out for each day!!! Xx


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