Mental Health 

This year has been rather trying in terms of my mental health. After having two premature babies resulting in two stays in the NICU in the last five years and an incredibly stressful job, my world came crashing in on me at the end of January. Medication, counselling and three months off work and I’m beginning to feel more like myself again. 

Due to my personality and the fact I work in education, I always feel like there’s room for improvement and I’m not very good at valuing what I’ve already got. I’ve kept a ‘Best Things Today’ spread in my Bullet Journal for some time, but while I was off work I found it really difficult to focus on the good stuff. I found the GLAD list shown above on Pinterest and I like the fact that I can add something no matter how small it is. It’s really helping me to value every day.  I make space each day on my weekly spread to keep a record. 

Another big change I’ve made is to make better use of my journal. I’m using a 100th Anniversary Leuchtturm in Copper which brings me joy just by picking it up!  The act of writing my thoughts on the page so that I can put them to rest is working and I’m seeing some positive results. Better quality sleep, less worrying if I’ve made ‘good’ decisions, better relationships with my family and friends and a better ability to notice when my mental health is suffering and do something about it. 

How do you look after your mental health?  Do you use your Bullet Journal?  

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