Bullet Journal Blog Planner December

Blog Post planning pub.jpg
One of my goals during December was to post weekly on this blog so that I could get back into a routine.  I decided that the best way to do this would be to create a page in my Bullet Journal that would allow me to track all of the tasks I needed to do to create and publicise each post.

2015-11-17 21.26.jpg
The layout worked well but I forgot one vital column – somewhere to tick when I write the actual post. I’ve adapted it for this month already! Loving the adaptability of the bullet journal!

jan blog planner page.jpg
You’ll notice that ‘5 Things Friday’ is making a comeback in 2016.  I  love researching these as it gives me a good excuse to spend time on Pinterest and Instagram!  These round-ups also brought lots of new traffic to my blog last year, so I’m bringing them back. Each month throughout the year will have a different theme. This month I’m focusing on getting organised for the new year.  You can find the first Five Things Friday of the new year here.



4 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Blog Planner December

  1. Wow I love the way you chose to make your tracking list so simple. I just started to make myself a blog tracking list but I may change it up a bit now because this seems a little more organized and “planned” where as mine just included a column for the title and when I post it ….
    Good for you and I love the 5 Things Fridays! Will have to stay posted and updated on that one!


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