Tastes Amazing but it’s Ugly as Sin!

Microwave chocolate cake

Sometimes (yeah, I’d be lying there), in fact all the time, I have an urge to eat cake.  Chocolate cake to be precise.  The results of my baking don’t last long in this house and since I’ve only had my small oven to play with (big oven has died and gone to heaven) I haven’t done a great deal of baking.

This chocolate cake was the result of my husband saying, after he’d finished his Sunday dinner, ‘I don’t suppose there’s any pudding?’   Well no, there wasn’t, but this was super quick to whip up and although it looked ugly as sin, it was in fact amazing!  The cocoa powder I used was a spiced cocoa powder that my dad had picked up for me over Christmas from Oxfam.  It was a bit too spicy to be enjoyed as a hot chocolate drink as intended but was delicious in this cake.

As it was a emergency pudding situation, I used a recipe from BBC Good Food.  I halved the quantities and didn’t bother with the chocolate ganache topping – wish I had added it though, it might have looked a bit prettier!  We enjoyed it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream instead.


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