Sunday Scribblings: My Backyard

My Backyard says the prompt at Sunday Scribblings.

Over here in the UK we call it our back garden as most of us have grass and plants (in various states of life – or death, as in my case!).  My garden could be beautiful, or so my mother keeps telling me… Unfortunately I don’t possess the essential ‘green fingers’ which would create and tend this beautiful garden!

It’s faintly ridiculous to think that when I originally bought the house I did so because it had a gorgeous garden.  Unfortunately the previous owners took their green fingers with them when they moved out and so it began a fast decline.  It didn’t really helped that when we had an extension to our kitchen built the builders turned the garden into a quagmire of mud and brick!  My husband mows the lawn, my mother comes to cut back the bushes every so often and I plant herbs outside at the start of each summer…… but that’s about the extent of it!

Perhaps if we had some nice weather I might be inclined to get out there and make it more beautiful, but until the sunshine decides to come to England in the summer my garden will forever be not quite as beautiful as it could be!!

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