Too much chocolate…


“Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.” – Anonymous

I never thought I’d hear myself say this…. but…. I think there may actually be a stage when you’ve eaten too much chocolate!

I’ve just been out for a lovely meal with some colleagues from work and we had the set menu at £17.95 for three courses.  I chose a starter of Moules marinière: white wine, parsley, shallots, garlic & cream followed by a main of a 6oz Sirloin Steak, Diane sauce, dressed leaf salad and french fries and then followed it with a dessert of Rich dark chocolate pot with vanilla crème fraiche & sable biscuit.

I should have stuck at two courses but the desserts all looked so lovely and in the interests of research for my blog, and the fact that it had definitely been a manic Monday at work,  I felt I should at least attempt a dessert!  It was lovely…however it was way too large.  I’m now sitting on the sofa feeling rather stuffed!  It certainly lived up to its name and was very rich, but there was just too much of it and, despite not finishing it, it was still too much.  I’d prefer to have a slightly smaller portion and not feel quite so ill afterwards!  Note to self- make sure the portion sizes aren’t too big when you’re serving a rich dessert – better than you enjoy a little rather than feeling ill after a lot!

The chocolate puddings in the picture look pretty good – have a look on smitten kitchen for the recipe!


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