New Year’s resolutions

I know, it’s a bit late to be going on about New Year’s resolutions!   However, that’s the reason I’m here.  I’ve never been able to just sit and watch TV without doing something; work, sudoku, work.  This year I decided that I was going to learn a new skill – knitting.  I’d been taught by my mum and granny when I was little, but couldn’t really remember what I was doing and all the books in the craft section of my local bookshop looked far too wordy and complicated – not enough pictures for my liking!  Then I hit on the idea of looking in the children’s section and there I found exactly what I was looking for – Learn to Knit.

It had step by step pictures and really simple explanation in plain English and I was knitting ipod covers, soft toys and winter hats before the month was out.  The only problem was, since it was a kids book, everything was so little and, apart from the ipod cover, none of it was much use to me.  What could I make…

This new found craftiness started to grow… being a bit more creative in what I cooked each day and then I rediscovered sewing.

So my plan is to share little ideas… keeping it simple and learning about blogging along the way!  Any tips would be helpful!  Right, I’m off  – going to make some flapjack – will try to remember to take a photo when I’m finished so that I can post the recipe here.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

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