September Productivity Prompt Day 19: Delegate at Home

How often do you carry out a task at home because you’ve always done it?

How often do you think that it’s just easier to do a task yourself because no-one else will do it properly?

Let’s get delegating. If they’re old enough to take part in family life, that includes all those household tasks that need doing to ensure the household runs smoothly.

Use the process we created on day 14 to help you to think about which tasks you could delegate and perhaps teach family members new skills, as on day 6.

Now think about how you can create routines where different members of the household take on some of the tasks without you having to constantly ‘delegate’ or nag!

For those of you who’ve been inspired to delegate at home, either today or in the past, how did it go? How do you feel now that you’ve done it? Add your comments below.

Come back tomorrow for your next nudge into productivity.

Photo credit: Freepik