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Hi, I’m Claire. I’m a Behaviour Support Teacher and mum to two boys from Derby, UK. I like to keep myself out of mischief by making stuff.

This blog is taking bit of a back seat while I develop my new blog providing hints, tips and advice to promote Positive Behaviour Support in educational settings. You can find it here.

Have a look around and see if anything inspires you!


15 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Claire, Barb Roberts here…also known as Dreama from Universalwomen.net. You have a great site and I will tag it on my blog. Perfect for my food category. How exciting to connect with you in another land! I’m experimenting with “themes” for my site, but will eventually settle into something appropriate, so bare with me while it’s under construction.


    • Barb – you asked what digestive biscuits are, they’re sweet biscuits – I think they’re probably similar to your graham crackers, if you’re from the US. Ask a British ex-pat if you know any! I’ll ask my friend who moved out the the US.

      I checked with my friend and she says that graham crackers are the best substitute. Happy Cooking!


  2. Thanks Barb! I’m kind of new to this blogging lark. I’ve been doing a bit with my kids at school but I wanted to have a go at home on my own – if only to stay one step ahead of them when they ask me a question!


  3. Hi Claire, just to say thanks for dropping by. Hope you try out the naan bread recipe and if you do, let me know how you get on. Enjoy what’s left of the school holidays.
    Tracey x


  4. Hi Claire! Love the name of your blog—I can relate. I’m ALWAYS creating something and people will often comment about why I always have to be busy. I reply, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop!”

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my “Home” posting on http://www.orphanedimages.wordpress.com. I don’t post as often on that blog as my main blog (http://www.cindydyer.wordpress.com), so I was curious how you found The Orphaned Images Project. Were you searching for something in particular and just stumbled onto it?


    • Thanks for visiting Cindy. I found the project on one of the tag pages I think. I love photos like that; I’m in the process of scanning in hundreds of family photos from my Granpa’s scrapbooks which start in 1930ish – it’s most definitely a labour of love!


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