Reflection day 14

I’ve been thinking about creating a blog with strategies, ideas and discussions about Positive Behaviour Support for teachers based on the work I do with teachers in schools.

The @williamhannah account that I follow recently posted a journal post that really got me thinking that my procrastination was all about being scared. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that this was what was holding me back. I was scared it wouldn’t be good enough. Scared that it wouldn’t be read. Scared that negative comments would be written.

I often aim too high and expect perfection from myself but I’m learning to start small and let things evolve.

A discussion with the people I work with and a quick survey showed that teachers want any help they can get! If you’re working in education you can complete the survey here to let me know what would be useful to you.

I’ll be launching my new site in the New Year! I’ll keep you posted!

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