October Sleep 23: 15 Minutes

When you’re next tossing and turning in bed, and sleep seems a long way away, make a promise to yourself: ‘If I’m not asleep in 15 minutes, I will get out of bed and make myself a drink/ read a chapter of a book/ insert peaceful task of your choice here!’

There are two keys to making this work. The first is not to look at the clock. ‘But how am I going to know when 15 minutes are up?’ I hear you cry. You won’t, because you’ll be fast asleep. The second is to force yourself completely still and listen to your breathing.

I don’t know how it works, but it just does. It’s almost like your mind starts focusing on the stillness and the breathing that it lets your body relax and fall asleep.

Give it a try, what have you got to lose?!

For those of you who’ve been inspired to try the 15 minute promise, either today or in the past, how did it go? How do you feel now that you’ve done it? Did it improve the quality of your sleep? Add your comments below.

Come back tomorrow for your next nudge into peaceful sleep.

Photo credit: Freepik


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