September Productivity Prompt Day 27: Set Limits on Screen Time

How often do you do you pick up your phone and say ‘I’ll just play one game’ or ‘I’ll just read the news’ and before you know it an hour or more has passed?

How often do you get into bed and say ‘I’ll just check social media before I go to sleep’ and then spend the next morning yawning because you went to sleep far later than planned?

Perhaps it would help you to set some limits on your screen time. Earlier in the month we looked at how we might watch less tv (here) but your phone screen is harder to avoid because it’s so much more accessible.

Think about what might motivate you to use your phone less? What else do you prefer doing? Shock tactics might work – look at how much screen time you’ve had in the past week. You can use technology to help, set limits for different apps – I’ve noticed how much this has helped me to reduce the time I spend mindlessly scrolling through Instagram! Are you scrolling because everyone else in your home is doing the same? Do you need to agree on limits for everyone?

For those of you who’ve been inspired to set limits on screen time, either today or in the past, how did it go? How do you feel now that you’ve done it? Add your comments below.

Come back tomorrow for your next nudge into productivity.

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One thought on “September Productivity Prompt Day 27: Set Limits on Screen Time

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