September Productivity Prompt Day 26: Start a Bullet Journal

How often do you have a big list of tasks that seem overwhelming?

Would it help you to have a daily task list so things don’t get forgotten?

I discovered bullet journaling when I was ridiculously busy at work and trying to organise family life. All you need is a notebook and pen to ‘brain dump‘ all your tasks and then you can prioritise and create a plan for each day.

Watch the video from the creator here or follow my series of posts explaining how to set up a bullet journal of your own version here.

Don’t feel you have to make your journal incredibly creative (though if that relaxes you, go for it) – just make sure it works for you.

For those of you who’ve been inspired to create a bullet journal, either today or in the past, how did it go? How do you feel now that you’ve done it? Add your comments below.

Come back tomorrow for your next nudge into productivity.

Photo credit: Freepik


2 thoughts on “September Productivity Prompt Day 26: Start a Bullet Journal

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