September Productivity Prompt Day 7: Do a Task You’ve Been Procrastinating Over

How often do you procrastinate over a task that you really don’t want to do?

How often do you berate yourself for not doing that task?

Your mental health can play awful tricks on you; robbing you of energy and then making you think negatively about yourself.

Let’s tackle a household task that we’ve been procrastinating over together today. If you complete yours, I’ll complete mine.

Come on then, share! What have you been putting off? For me, it’s cleaning the bathroom. I despise it. So I put it off for longer. So it gets worse, which makes me despise it even more. Which then starts a whole load of negativity in my head.

How would it make you feel if you completed your task? I know I’d feel much better about the bathroom and myself. Come on then. Let’s get on with it. Just do it (thanks Nike). Give yourself 20 minutes to get as much done as possible and promise yourself a cup of coffee at the end – I realise that I have a coffee obsession!

Set a timer on your phone and then put your phone down – it’ll beep when your time’s up so you don’t need to keep looking at it. Draft in the help of a family member (see yesterday’s post for ideas). How much can you achieve in the next 20 minutes? Go, finish reading this post afterwards!

For those of you who’ve been inspired to conquer a task, either today or in the past, how did it go? How do you feel now that you’ve done it? Add your comments below.

Come back tomorrow for your next nudge into productivity.

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6 thoughts on “September Productivity Prompt Day 7: Do a Task You’ve Been Procrastinating Over

  1. You are so right….I have a swirl of to do items circling in my head and I know I have so much to do. I never quite get to cleaning the bathroom….do you want to know how long I’ve had getting my enhance drivers license on my list? What is it about the specific items that we procrastinate on…I would feel so much better if I were to complete them…so why do I let other priorities advance? I think because sometimes it’s just all too much and just trying to keep the balls in the air and not drop anything that could really break.


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