February Prompts: Self Love

During January I posted daily prompts on my Instagram feed encouraging my followers to get active to support their mental health which linked to my involvement in RED January. Keeping active really helps me to cope during the darker months of the year.

When I was thinking about a theme for February, love hearts kept popping into my mind what with old St. Valentine having a day of celebration/ commiseration/ sadness. Retailers have hyped it up and the whole world seems to be covered with hearts and flowers and celebrating relationship which, for some, is not helping their mental health.

I’ve decided to support your mental health this month by focusing on loving the most important person in your life – you. So this month my posts will focus on self-love, looking after yourself and reminding yourself how wonderful you are. Hope you’ll join me. Follow me on Instagram here.

This is part of a series of posts throughout the month. The idea isn’t to challenge yourself to complete the whole month (and then beat yourself up about it when you miss a day) but to give you some friendly encouragement to love and celebrate yourself in an easy and accessible way.

If you prefer to write your prompts in your planner, I’ll be sharing them here each Sunday evening, ready for the week ahead. Here’s your first three to get you going later in the week:

Light some candles, pour in some bubbles and lie back and relax.

It’s a wonderful feeling to lie in a freshly made bed with your pillows all plumped up.

A book, a magazine, a letter. Lose yourself in another world for a while!

Come back next Sunday for the next instalment!

Picture credit: <a href=’https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/pink-background-with-white-hearts-on-lines_1001209.htm’>Designed by Renata.s</a>


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